Why expand in the USA (instead of Italy, Europe or other geographies) ?

The US venture capital market is the most developed in the world, and is highly articulated, being able to cater to early stage start-ups, scale-ups or established SMEs. The high demand for promising ventures to invest in drives valuations up.  Multiples are several times higher than in Italy.

Why invest in Italian companies, generally small and with no foothold in the US?

Italy is the 5th largest export economy, world leader in several sectors (packaging, food, beverage) and excellent in others (robotics, pharmaceutical, machine learning), with 90% of companies being very small but highly innovative and productive.  

Why an advisory company and not an accelerator?

Accelerators play a great role in the early stages of a company’s growth. They are primarily  focused on supporting founders to better refine their business idea, get advice from industry experts, establish connections with future partners.   At 42N we can do all the above, but our focus is on the deal-making side, in order to prepare entrepreneurs to successfully expand in this market.

Why 42N and not other advisors in Italy or USA?

We offer a unique combination of:

  • Deep and wide members’ expertise 
  • Real-life experience (we did it already and have learned from mistakes)
  • Transparency of intent of a benefit corporation