42N Advisors is a Benefit corporation committed to higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency for the general public benefit. 

We are a group of Italian American professionals who have successfully integrated in the American local business starting new companies, acquiring or merging large enterprises. This success motivates us to give back to Italy and America.

Through personal, first-hand experience, we offer business knowledge and resources hub Italian entrepreneurs can rely on to develop their business in the US. 

Our Vision

42N Advisors envisions a world where  innovation, ingenuity and design help entrepreneurs and investors excel.

We will enable an easy entry for Italian entrepreneurs willing to invest in the States, and will support US investors aiming to benefit from local enterprises in Italy.

Our Mission

42N Advisors empowers Italian entrepreneurs of startups, scaleups and SMEs to  access the US innovation system and scale their business in the largest and most innovative market. 

Our Mission is to help Italian entrepreneurs succeed in the highly competitive US market through a strong cultural and practical operational knowledge. 

Why we are different

Italian entrepreneurs seeking to access the US market can do it right the first time by relying on our heterogeneous skill pool, US-Italy cultural knowledge, business acumen, and the professional network and investment opportunities 42N makes available to them.